Why use social media?


I sat where you are likely sitting now. 

Who cares what I have to say?  How do I start?  Where do I start?  What do I say?  How often? 

Or better yet, why should I do this at all?

My approach is to make it a priority to understand what you need first, whether it be for your business or job search. My belief is that if you don't have a clear vision of what you need, using social media is not going to fix it! At times, my clients have not known where to start or what to do next, and I can help there too. How? By listening and detecting what you are passionate about. Passion goes a long way. Capturing that passion so it can be conveyed via the social media technologies is the fun and exciting part!

My mission is to teach you how to use the social business technologies whether it be via your computer, ablet or smartphone. I can empower you to do it yourself, or you can utilize my expertise and have me do it for you. 

You can choose to have me conduct a training session at your business (small or large groups) or we can sit side-by-side and do one-on-one training.

My approach involves understanding your business, with the goal being to utilize all available and appropriate social media tools to engage with your target customer base. How? By emphasizing the 'human" side of your message or brand. This was the most satisfying aspect of my role as a Nordstrom "Social Business Concierge".

People love doing business with people! It cannot always be about the product or service. Social media is built for this type of communication, i.e. "relationship building" or the evolving term of "social selling".

Who cares what I have to say? - your industry colleagues, your clients, your potential clients...

How and where do I start?  decide where your potential audience resides in the social media world. Start with one or two channels.

What do I say? Start by listening to what is being said by others on your chosen channel.Then start to engage.

How often? Once a week and build up from there to what works for you and your business.

Why should I do it at all? Social media is all about making a business, person or brand - human. People like to do business with people they like and know. What better way to meet new people and strike up a conversation?