Social Media Training: Group or One-on-One

I love to teach!

My memories are filled with high school, college and corporate trainers who took the time to understand what the audience needed before launching into the content.

That is my starting point. I take the time to understand what it is the business, or individual needs. If I cannot understand where you are, then how can I expect to be effective?

My approach is to schedule a planning meeting, whether in-person or via telephone, where initial collaboration can take place. By understanding where you are at and where you wish to go allows me to be most effective in meeting your goals. Training cannot start with the technologies if you don't know where you desire to go!

One may ask "Can I look at your PowerPoint presentations?" I do not use them! How can you teach without them? Well, by using the live internet! I focus on demonstrating the ins and outs of individual social business sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Via.Me.

This is where strategy comes in to play a role. My 30 plus years of business experience, which placed a huge emphasis on understanding a customer's needs (technical, legal, financial, timetable) before beginning to implement a solution, comes to the fore. Business has not changed in its core values of providing the right solution, at the appropriate time, in a timely manner. Understanding this first becomes the launching point for implementing any social media wizardry.

Social media is a telephone, a method of communication, that is immediate and ever-present. It is also a tool that can be used to hear what others' need, from the personal to the business. Keywords can be used in Twitter's built-in search engine to discover what is occurring in real-time. As a consequence, the service provider (social media responder) can respond with educational matter that can enhance the new social business connection and transform it into a "win-win" relationship for both.