Reviews for Carlos' Talents

A selection of endorsements is provided here. A full viewing of recommendations is available on my LinkedIn profile. One must be logged into LinkedIn to view my profile. Scroll down to "Recommendations".

As a social media seminar speaker:

I had the opportunity to attend a "Social Media Workshop" Carlos facilitated at the Career Forum Strategy. I would highly recommend his workshop to others, Carlos was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. He was able to keep his audience engaged, answered all questions and provided tips that were very beneficial.

Stacey Williams

“The most effective presenter can walk into a room and immediately engage a diverse crowd through dialogue, body language and the conveyance of shared experience. Power Point presentations and other props are not required, nor are they even desirable in the beginning. Once the audience is thus engaged, the presenter can relax, be himself and take us on a shared journey. This is the experience I had with Mr. Hernandez.

Mr. Hernandez is the first to have succeeded in facilitating this transformation, though several other qualified people have tried. It was evident to me that most of the people in the room had also appreciated him. When the talk was over, I sat next to the founder of CSIX to enjoy my lunch. He perused the evaluation forms and I heard him say “so many 10s.” Apparently Mr. Hernandez had scored 10 out of a possible 10 points in the opinion of most of the audience.”

Tony Cruz

“I attended a seminar hosted by the Future Women Leaders organization, where Carlos was the featured speaker. I was impressed by his experience and knowledge on the topic of social media, and the journey by which he came to know so much. I also respected his ability to work with the audience and flex his presentation based on our interests and concerns.”

Michelle Gomez

As a social media strategist:

"Carlos is a wonderful strategic thinker and communicator. His passion and knowledge for the rapidly transforming social media landscape was the motivational spark my team needed. Carlos brings an incredible background of solid business insights to any engagement and combines that with a quest for learning and connecting that is rare and extremely valuable. He is a great listener, an inspiring teacher that I highly recommend."

Bob Huff

"Carlos has talent and expertise to actively communicate with people and have them freshly look at and engage emerging media and technology with enthusiasm and purpose. Beyond the techno jargon and hyperbole of some presenters, he draws real-world examples from his or others' personal business experience to demonstrate practical and effective ways to integrate communications, combine experience and new knowledge, and have some fun in the process of life learning and growth. His grasp of available reliable resources and information is impressive.”

Mark Walsh

“Carlos worked with me as a consultant to prepare materials in support of Enterprise 2.0 presentation. Carlos brought great insights leveraging his professional and personal experiences. He delivered a high quality product and was very easy to work with.”

Miles Appel